Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loosely-Joined online businesses are most profitable...

How to be a distributor - or not.

How serious you want to be a distributor in your online business is up to you...This is another fascinating journey to take. For our worlds are filled with so much fascinating reasons to fail these days - when a person comes out with a bona-fide reason and way to succeed, it's usually clamped down and squashed.

Sure, now we have that huge government problem - which has spawned endless layers of bureaucracy that are pointed to as the real reason our strong American nation and Western culture hasn't simply bounced back as it should have. And our politicians simply aren't helping. Because government is in the business of making more government. Politicians spend their time passing more laws which hire more bureaucrats - instead of simply getting rid of the monstrous and conflicting laws which we already have.

I retired from a great deal of all this consternation sometime ago, just to study out this scene. I live and operate a small farm in rural Missouri, hours away from the nearest "big" airport. To get here from either coast takes about 5 hours of traveling, no matter if you had a limo meet you at the airport to drive you right to my farm. There are more remote areas, but this one fits me fine.

And in this decade of semi-isolation, I've tested out many different theories and boiled down multiple belief systems to just a handful of working programs (which I call the Thrivelearning System - but we aren't going there today.)

The apparent struggle to survive isn't all that hard, really.Always, in the back of everything, has been that apparent struggle just to survive. (And that's just another lie, since abundance is actually native to everyone.) However, this is the game we are playing, so I'm telling people what I know - just to spoil it.

If you've heard of Shaklee, you either have a positive, negative, or no opinion of it. But it's unlikely that you haven't heard about it.

The real bottom line (which I'll give you a video shortly) is that in their system, you can be a distributor and help your friends and family with their high-quality products. And you can have all the time you want to spend with your own family.

And this is revolutionary. That nagging thought in the back of your mind is that this must be a scam, because it "must not be possible".

Now lets look at the ideal for computer programming and networks - there's something called "small pieces loosely-joined" as way to compile our existing world into a working and inter-related system. (And there's even a book by this name.) It is how the most successful software development projects succeed. By many names ("scrum" is one) - the idea is to have high levels of personal creativity and responsibility, while also having a loose inter-coordination with other members of their teams. They would simply split up a project into it's larger and smaller parts, then assign small groups of people to make those parts work. They'd meet once a week to ensure all their parts worked together, but were given their own leash on how best (and fastest) to approach the goal for the part they had signed onto.

But this approach is greater than just software development. It is, in fact, the way the American continent was developed out of a wilderness and into a continuing world economic leader. It's not a "top down" scene. That ultimately leads to failure. Every huge organization which did this simply failed eventually. But the brand names which are still around learned the ability to reinvent themselves and re-create their company by simply breaking it back down into parts (usually selling off the parts they didn't now need) and getting back to their core values.

What this has to you and how to be a distributor - this brings in Shaklee.

Companies which spend more on commissions means you have more to spend...

Imagine a company which has great products, doesn't tell you how to sell or market them. Instead of putting out a ton of money into international marketing campaigns, they just put all that same money right back to sales commissions. Doesn't make sense, does it? That company should be a failure.

However, Shaklee has been going for over 50 years. As far as I know, they are the only company which actually has made multi-level-marketing successful. This is because they simply invest in a high-quality products and the team which finds and delivers to customers. And they use the Internet to do their distribution, so it's a very simple, direct, and sensible proposition. Their international headquarters has less than 100 employees, yet that company generates billions in profits every year - which are mostly spread out as commission payments.

Watch this video from the current  CEO, Roger Barnett, who spent five years looking for the "perfect company" to invest in - and if you've watched Oprah, you'll know that this was when he had to find a solution to an illness brought on in his young son because of the toxic chemicals being used to clean their home (but that's another video).

And there's a lot more to watch on the FC Shaklee YouTube Channel

However, that's more than enough today. Consider that you've spent all your life training to take advantage of this opportunity. Now someone has just opened the door to your future success.

Your choice. Have fun with this.

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