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Financial Freedom from Network Marketing? Maybe...

How to Find Real Financial Freedom in Network Marketing

Real Financial Freedom from Network Marketing is in building your list. The lure and promise of Network Marketing has been that you can free yourself of financial shackles by converting your part-time work into extra income. Eventually, you can grow that extra income such that it replaces your J-O-B and allows you to do whatever you want - since your home business has grown such that you have continuing passive income rolling in.

Unless you know these 2 things, that freedom is just another pipe dream:

1) How to set up network marketing as a real business.
2) How to market on your own, independent of your primary opportunity.

And yes, you've probably heard something like this before - the reason most poeple fail in MLM is that they don't know now to market and they don't know how to run a business.

But if you compare these, you'll see a subtle difference.

Network Marketing is designed to be simple - and if you don't watch carefully, it will just become another J-O-B.

You see, the contract with your opportunity can be cancelled for any imagined breach. And at that point, your home business is gone. Those downlines you've recruited are not yours. And you can't contact your regular customers as a representative of that network marketing organization again.

Scary, huh?

But not if you've been building your own business all along.

I was recently reviewing Mike Dillard's Funded Proposal and was reminded of these facts. In a few places in his material, he points out that if you build your business by collecting the emails of your customers and downlines, you are actually building the real core asset of your business. If you have several thousand people you email to regularly - whether they are buying your main opportunity's product or not - then you can have a regular source of income which is independent of other influences.

Of course, you have to have good relationships with the people you have on your list, and Mike goes over this more in his materials.

But the point is that if worse came to worst, you'd simply sign up with another company, send out a cheery email to everyone saying how you'd found even better products with a better comp plan and they're invited!

You see the difference?

Now you are really financially free! No one can tell you that you can no longer express yourself to people who want to hear from you. And it's their choice what to do with their life.

So instead of just signing up for another J-O-B, you've signed up for a lifetime of unending new opportunities which you can take advantage of. When you run across another product or service which your list would appreciate, and would improve their quality of life - but your primary opportunity doesn't offer it - guess what? You can!

Say you are offering nutritional supplements. And you find or create a great information product about how to test your foods for vitamins and quality. Because of FDA rules, your primary company can't offer this - but you can. And so your list can find out how to select the best quality foods and so improve the efficacy of the nutritional supplements they are already taking.

What you've done is just create some additional income for yourself - independent of your main opportunity. And because you are adding value to your customer's lives, they trust you even more and are willing to listen to new products and services which you can bring out.

Sure, you still make sure that they are on autoship and are getting the best value they can from your primary opportunity - but you now can also ensure that they don't miss out on other vital information they need.

And this allows you to turn any J-O-B into complete financial freedom from Network Marketing.

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