Thursday, July 4, 2013

Freedom of Commerce is What Drives Revolutions

Freedom to Entrepreneur Tops Handouts

Egypt just proved this. The whole "Arab Spring" deal was started when someone was prevented from setting up their own business (a push-cart) because the government required extensive bribes (overhead, aka taxes) in order to run that business.

The person could simply not get a job and so was starting his own business. But then it was nearly impossible to do that, either. The only alternative was to rely on government handouts - or death. He became a martyr, and a tipping point for the whole region.

Egypt (and these other countries) will solve this when they get government out of the way of people and allow them to live their own lives, respecting the freedoms of everyone.

Government solves things by getting out of the way. This isn't how they operate, but it is the way the U.S. people prefer it - by actual survey. We most trust our law makers when they spend their time re-naming post offices.

We least trust our elected officials when they interfere with our ability to have a business and run it for ourselves.

The trick (both recent and long-standing) of minorities (like white males) has been to take over the government proceedings and use them for their own benefit.  However, politicians who figure out to make a coalition of various extreme minorities doesn't work, either - because there are certain natural laws which make things work and violating or ignoring them is a sure route to disaster (and revolution.)

These laws are few, but exact...

1. Commerce is a mutual agreement where two (or more) valuable products or services are exchanged.  When an agreement is enforced (taxes, regulations) without recourse, this is not mutual. Force begets force - and so, protests turn violently destructive.

2. All freedom is internally created, it stems from our native abilities. The only real limits to any freedom comes from our own beliefs and agreements. Change any limiting belief and you have your own freedoms back.

3. Governments are an artifice which was originally designed along natural laws and works best when aligned with these. 

4. The individual is apparently unlimited in ability, and therefore, Freedom. This comes up from time to time when incredible breakthroughs happen in the various fields of humankind endeavor - once they have been accomplished, then they become accepted norms (like the 4-minute mile.)

These few laws (I haven't covered them all) are really observations of what already exists. Start looking for yourself and you'll find all you need to improve your own life.

Tactics for regaining your freedom (and having any job or business you want):

a. Laugh at all politicians or people who want you to "get involved" in government. Be active in supporting your own rights, and ensure you vote as a back-up, but don't rely on the government or any corporation for your livelihood. Rely on your own beliefs and actions.

b. Give far greater value to the people around you than you expect in return. This will give you your best continuing customers (clients) and ensure your income.

c. Get into the habit of constantly examining and improve your own beliefs - and help others find their own best approach to living life. (This is the point of having all those "freedoms" enshrined in our own Constitution - so we can belief and say anything we want at any time.)

Sure, there's a lot more here to say. But it's better you work these out for yourself.

Hope I've inspired something on this Independence Day. (If you think this is a good thing, then buy one of my books.)

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