Thursday, November 22, 2012

Breaking the J.O.B. addiction - before it costs you your life...

The JOB (just over broke) addiction - yes, having to "make a living" in this world costs most people their lives...

A suit is to be buried in, a tie is just a noose - kick your JOB addiction.

But does it have to mean that this is inevitable?

Look, any addiction can be kicked - it's just a matter of focus and determination, plus changing your environment while you change your mind. Kicking an addiction doesn't even have to be arduous...

The problem with addictions is that they are much easier to keep doing what you are doing - particularly if the rest of the world is also addicted. Take fast foods as an example:

  • Start with wanting "instant gratification" which is affordable.
  • Add in a combination of the most addicting food items available - fat, salt, sugar.
  • Make this completely affordable (even the 99 cent menu's).
  • Run ads which tell people how this fits their "needs" for social acceptance and feeling loved, looking good, being admired, having control, etc.

Once people start in on this gig, they simply keep going.

I've covered this years ago in  a blog post - which simply started laying out the scene, even as I knew it then.

However, what I've found out since is that the entire society out there (well, around 97-99%) are addicted and supporting these happy suicide habits. Here's the rundown:

  1. You have a job
  2. to make money to keep you fed, clothed, and housed.
  3. The little extra you have left over, you save to buy things which give you pleasure.
  4. You want more things besides just having the basics.
  5. So you work harder to get a promotion or get a second job.
  6. And you as well as the people around you spend all your extra income on "stuff".

See where this is headed?

Now, the people who made millions in just a few years (T. Harv Eker, Mike Dillard) both did the painfully obvious thing - they stopped doing what they were doing and expecting different results. Instead they both took the time they needed (several months) to just study how humankind is acting and what makes them tick. They also studied their chosen industry or business very carefully.

Then they simply ignored conventional wisdom, figured out a plan, and then executed that plan.

Result? Both made over a million, Dillard in about 1 1/2 years, Eker in just over 2 years.

The links above are to their sites where they will teach you how to do it.

Because that's what they both decided to do once they figured it out.

Robert Kiyosaki would be a 3rd model, if you still need one. You could add a long list of others, but these above are those who "got rich quick" - and they did it by investing their time in long-term results.

Funny how that works, isn't it? But the "conventional wisdom" about getting rich quick is all full of losers who didn't. (TIP: The money in any field is in writing and selling how-to books and information packages - because the majority in any/all fields are neophytes and amateurs, who are desperately wanting to learn how.) Telling you that you can do anything quickly just feeds your "instant gratification" wants.

In both Eker and Dillard, they had to first get beyond their own personal wants before they could then build their fortunes.

So - kick your JOB addiction. Today.

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